Fast Track Your Way to Health Starter Kit

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Fast Track Your Way to Health Starter Kit

  • Questionnaire

    Take the test – don’t wait until it is too late – find out if your job is harming your health.

  • Healthy Day Planner

    You are already used to using a calendar to plan your meetings and deadlines. Your health is no different. Plan it and it will happen.

  • Life Balance Wheel

    Assess your life balance by using this visual tool. Discover which aspects of your life need change.

  • Guide to

    Eating Out

    You know it’s not good for you but it is part of the job. Make the best of it and find out how to dine out in a way to support your health.

  • Health Goal Setter

    This process will leave you with clear goals to act on.


  • De-Stress Meditation

    Take this fast & effective meditation - only 10 minutes - to reduce your stress levels. Don't let your stress control you.

Learn the strategies to regain control of your health,

get to your ideal weight, increase your energy

and manage your stress.

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